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Time plays a key role in modern electronic production. With the SelectLine SEHO developed a selective soldering system featuring miniwave processes. Its revolutionary design convinces with highest precision and solder joint quality as well as a high degree of flexibility: no change-over is required to dynamically process a variety of assemblies with short cycle times.

The SelectLine machine concept is consistently modular, thus ensuring clear cost benefits. Fluxer module, various preheat modules and a combi module that incorporates a preheat station as well as the actual soldering station may be equipped individually and depending on your requirements they can be configured to a complete manufacturing line. Even SelectLine-C that is designed for stand-alone operation in the basic configuration may be expanded with fluxer and/or preheat modules at any time.

Absolutely unique is the 100 % process control that is provided by all selective soldering systems from SEHO.





GoSelective + SelectiveLine



-High-precision selective miniwave soldering
-Precise axis system for exact positioning of the various working stations
-Highest flexibility due to quickly exchangeable solder nozzles
-Automatic wave height control
-Automatic solder level control
-Maximum process reliability
-Online or offline teaching
-Fiducial recognition
-Process Visualization
-Nitrogen inertisation of the solder wave ensures highest soldering quality
-For assemblies up to 500 x 500 mm (19.68 x 19.68 inch)









-System for selective miniwave soldering, dip soldering or conventional wave soldering processes.
-Up to two soldering units can be integrated in one machine.
-Maximum assembly dimensions of 500 x 500 mm (19.68" x 19.68").
-High precision double portal axis.
-Maximum flexibility.
-Solder waves with touchless wave height control for highest reliability.
-Modular construction allows the system to grow, to reduce cycle times.
-Gripper rotation up to 270° and tilt function up to 12°.
-Easy to handle teaching function, online or offline.
-Maximum machine availability.
-Minimum maintenance requirements and ideal accessibility.
-As batch system or inline system available.





LeanSelect Masch


-consistently following Lean Equipment Design guidelines
-minimum footprint of only 2.5 m²
-ideally suited for the modern island production
-high flexibility and productivity: electro-magnetic soldering unit with miniwave nozzle or multi-nozzle dip soldering tool
-high energy efficiency: only one axis to position fluxer and soldering unit
-high throughput rate: allows processing of up to five carriers at the same time
-high precision fluxer system and reproducible preheat process
-patented, automated ultrasonic cleaning of solder nozzles
-100 % process control
-efficient programming: online or offline
-with mcServer ready for Industry 4.0






-Short repair cycles
-For assemblies up to 600 x 600 mm
-Precise positioning of the assemblies
-Solder wave optionally inerted with nitrogen
-Easy programming with touch display
-Reproducible process