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-Compact machine technology
-High number of heating zones, exclusively with convection, for perfect soldering results
-Efficient and homogeneous energytransfer with optimized process gas circulation
-Heating zone lengths:1850 mm (72.8") or 2350 mm (92.5")
-Working width: 400 mm (15.7")
-Flux management system guarantees minimum maintenance
-Closed loop controls for all relevant functions
-High process reliability




-perfect soldering results for mid-size production volumes
-powerful heat transfer due to optimized process gas leading principle
-high flexibility in temperature profiling and high thermal stability
-low set temperatures ensure component-sensitive processes
-filterless process gas cleaning system guarantees low maintenance requirements
-proven conveyor system ensures safe and reliable process
-low operation costs
-simple to operate
-to be used in ambient as well as in nitrogen atmosphere

PowerReflow gross



- Thermally invisible conveyorsystem – worldwide unique
- Efficient flux management for long maintenance intervals
- Powerful heat transfer
- Low, component-sensitive set temperatures
- Flexible temperature management due to high number of heating zones
- Effective, multi-stage cooling zone
- Low operation costs
- Ideally suited for lead-free processes
- 3 Basic versions for MaxiReflow 3.0:
• MaxiReflow 3.0  with 7 heating zones
• MaxiReflow 3.0  with 8 heating zones, designed for nitrogen operation
• MaxiReflow 3.0  with 10 heating zones, designed for nitrogen operation

- 2 Basic versions for MaxiReflow 3.6:
• MaxiReflow 3.6 with 10 heating zones,
• MaxiReflow 3.6 with 12 heating zones, both designed for nitrogen operation






MaxiReflow HP

MaxiReflowHP 1 irf

-up to 99 % void-free solder connections
-high pressure module allows gas convection to be used for heat transfer
-no solder balls
-pressure module, integrated in the peak area, makes for minimum space requirements
-hyper pneumatic process can be activated and deactivated programmable via software
-minimum cycle times
-robust and reliable conveyor system
-high parallelism of conveyor rails ensures maximum process safety
-powerful energy transfer
-effective, multi-stage cooling area